It is indeed a very sad day for AC Milan fans. After 5 year of a beautiful journey with AC Milan, Alexandre Pato says goodbye to his girlfriend ( Barbara Berlusconi), his teammates and Milano.. Alexandre has left AC Milan!

What a striking news that all ACM fans woke up to, their superstar is gone! He decided that it is better for him and for everyone to go back to his country (Brazil). After 2 years of struggling with injuries, Pato made the decision of going back to Brazil, to maybe find a cure, to be the upcoming star once again, and he knew if he stayed in ACM he would not be able to do that, which is why he made the difficult decision, he joined Corinthians, a Brazilian team to help him get back on his feet again.

However, the president of ACM, Silvio Berlusconi reassured his fans that Alexandre will come back, sooner or later, because ACM is his home, it is where he belongs.

So, I say this to all ACM fans: “Do not lose hope, be happy for Alexandre, pray for him to get better, and have faith, believe that your superstar will return, one day…”

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