What I feared most in my life has finally come. One of my family members, who i love so dearly has been diagnosed with cancer. The feeling I got when I first heard the tragic news is simply indescribable. I was in shock and I still am. But I have faith, I will always have faith, and we will not give up, we will fight it until the very last breath, we will not let cancer defeat us.

My prayers go to all those heroes who have been in a battle with cancer since birth. I can only imagine the suffering of their families. My heart is with you, you inspired my family with your strength, you gave us hope, Thank you. Keep on fighting.

And in the end I just want to say: Be careful, pay attention to your health before it is too late, take care of your loved ones, because cancer hitting the ones you love is the hardest thing you will ever go through, so make sure you never have to.

Have a lovely night everyone.

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