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Be brave and do it


Last night, my friends and I took our very good friend out on her birthday, we felt like we wanted to do something special for her, something different, so we went to a Korean restaurant!

Even though I am a very adventures person, when it comes to food, I rarely try out new stuff, but after a lot of effort from my friends, they convinced me to go to a Korean restaurant, and I am glad they did! It was such a fun experience. At first I was kind of scared to try the food, but then I did, and it was very delicious!

The restaurant was beautifully decorated, it was organized and the service was excellent, but most of all, the food was great! The fun thing was that we got to cook the food ourselves! That was such a lovely experience…

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is: even if you are like me, scared of trying new things, be brave and do it, you might be surprised, I know I was!

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My first adventure in Ireland

I’m so happy i went with these girls on that trip, it was a blast!

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This is the map that was given to us by an old man to “help” us explore Dalkey .. can you understand anything from it ?

Most of you guys spent the past week sleeping, shopping, relaxing or just hanging out with your friends, but it was a bit different for me, I spent it with my friends exploring Ireland.

Last week we were given a week off to “Study”, which is what I was supposed to do, what I was planning to do, but things didn’t go as planned. Instead, I spent the entire week planning to go on a trip with my friends to explore Ireland, because I am an adventures person by nature.

This is my first year in Ireland, I wanted to discover this fascinating country, so I went with my friends on a trip to Dalkey, a beautiful city that is 20 minutes away from Dublin, it was a beautiful adventure indeed.

Our trip started at 10am in the morning, I woke up, got ready and went with my friends to the train station. Then we took the Dart to Dalkey, arrived there at 11:15. The weather was beautiful, it wasn’t too cold, it was kind of sunny and there was no rain, a perfect day for a trip!

The first thing we did was try to figure out a map drawn by an old man, we could not understand a thing, so we decided to throw it and just walk around this beautiful city . We saw a beautiful building and we decided to go inside, it turned out to be a pub, we ordered a couple of drinks and carried on with our trip.

Next stop was for food, because we were all very hungry, we stopped at a takeaway restaurant and ordered sandwiches. I can still taste that sandwich in my mouth, it was very delicious.

It was a very fun day. We took a lot of pictures, laughed so hard, and ate delicious food. We had a lot of fun, and we bonded even more, which made me very happy.

That was my first adventure in this beautiful country, I enjoyed it very much, and i look forward to exploring this country even more. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. Stay tuned for more stories about many crazy adventures to come…

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