Think with me for a second, what could possibly be worse than your crush’s girlfriend? The normal answer should be nothing, right? well, I have a new answer for you guys, what is worse than my crush’s girlfriend, is me liking my crush’s girlfriend!

How weird is this? or in other words, how common is this? I don’t think I have ever heard of a girl who actually likes her crush’s girlfriend, because we are not supposed to like them, we are supposed to despise them, hate them and gossip about them with our friends!

What is happening is very unusual, I met the girl, I had a little chat with her, only to find out that she is a lovely, sweet person who I would actually like to be friends with. She is very mature, nice and funny, I can see why he is falling for her.

You might think that this is the worst case scenario, but honestly, I feel much better now that I met her, I thought I would want to kill her, I thought that if I saw them together I would feel so bad, but I didn’t, I was actually happy for both of them, because they looked happy together, and I feel like I am on the right way to move on…

Even though this is going to sound incredibly strange, I think meeting his girlfriend helped me move on, I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I know that I do not feel bad every time I see him now, I don’t think about him all the time anymore, and I am so glad, because I wanted to move on, and I think I have finally succeeded.

Have a lovely night everyone. And remember, be nice to your crush’s love interest, they might end up helping you, or even worse, you might end up being friends with them! you never know…

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