Hello everyone and welcome to wishy washy world, my humbled blog.

The basic things: My name is Walaa Ajjawi. I am an 18 year old Journalism student, Originally from Palestine, lived my entire life in Libya and recently moved to Ireland to go to Griffith College in Dublin.

I guess what you need to know about me is that I am a very adventures person, I love taking risks and I do most of the time. I love Sports, I have been a big sports fan since i was 10. I support AC Milan, Real Madrid and Liverpool, three giant teams with a history that speaks for it self. I love Music, i play the piano. I am not a professional but I hope to one day become one. I love food (who doesn’t?), but I really do. Most people eat to live, well, I live to eat, food is my best friend.

Now my blog: While my blog is not going to have a certain theme, it will be focusing on a couple of things. I would like to make this blog about me, and since i love to write, i will be doing a lot of that. I will be dedicating this blog to talk about my adventures, the things I will be going through in my new life here in Dublin, and my feelings. But my blog will also be focusing on Sports, Music and Movies… I want to try and make it as entertaining as possible, which is why Politics will be an issue that will not be discussed here in my blog. I would like my blog to be the place where you can get information from, but at the same time the place where you can enjoy reading someone else’s thoughts and feelings, the place where you can (hopefully) find good music.

So, there you go, this is me! a part of me at least, if you think my blog is something that could interest you, follow me, because I will be trying to make it as interesting and fun as possible.