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Why are they not popular?

Yesterday I was with my friend, we were listening to music, he got up and put a song called (Small Town Girl), It is by a band called Never Shout Never. I immediately fell in love with the song, so when I went back home I you tubed the band looking for more songs by them, I found a lot of nice songs.

They are not a popular band, I will tell you why; because people these days listen to meaningless songs! Those songs by Lady Gaga or Nikki Minaj, personally I can not stand them, I don’t understand how other people can.

Anyway, you guys should listen to this song, if you like it, which I am sure you will, you tube some of their songs, and come back and thank me on this post, haha, just kidding.



Another Ballon d’Or

It is official. Lionel Messi is the winner of the 2012 Ballon d’Or, he is once again announced the best player in the world, for the 4th time in a row!

Lionel does not only celebrate his 4th Golden Ball, he also celebrates breaking  yet another record, he has become the first player in the history of football to win 4 Ballon d’Ors. What a player!

Even though I still believe that Cristiano Ronaldo should have been the won to win the Ballon d’Or this year because of all his accomplishments, I still acknowledge Messi and admit that he is in fact, the world’s greatest player at the moment, maybe even he will become the best player in the history of football one day. He is simply an outstanding player, from another planet!

Congratulations Messi, you have once again broke another record, and i doubt it will be the last. Also, congratulations to all Messi fans, and hard luck to Iniesta and Ronaldo fans (me). Ronaldo will always be the world’s best player in our eyes.

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Cancer will never defeat us

What I feared most in my life has finally come. One of my family members, who i love so dearly has been diagnosed with cancer. The feeling I got when I first heard the tragic news is simply indescribable. I was in shock and I still am. But I have faith, I will always have faith, and we will not give up, we will fight it until the very last breath, we will not let cancer defeat us.

My prayers go to all those heroes who have been in a battle with cancer since birth. I can only imagine the suffering of their families. My heart is with you, you inspired my family with your strength, you gave us hope, Thank you. Keep on fighting.

And in the end I just want to say: Be careful, pay attention to your health before it is too late, take care of your loved ones, because cancer hitting the ones you love is the hardest thing you will ever go through, so make sure you never have to.

Have a lovely night everyone.

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The end of a chapter

In a very emotional scene, Alexandre Pato says goodbye to his teammates and coach in Milanello after he decided to leave AC Milan and go back to his country Brazil to recover from his injuries and regain his fitness. In the video, Alexandre tears up a little, and so does the captain of AC Milan, Massimo Ambrosini.

It is a very sad news indeed, we can only hope that one day, Pato will be the upcoming superstar again and return to defend the colors of Ac Milan.

Pato says goodbye

It is indeed a very sad day for AC Milan fans. After 5 year of a beautiful journey with AC Milan, Alexandre Pato says goodbye to his girlfriend ( Barbara Berlusconi), his teammates and Milano.. Alexandre has left AC Milan!

What a striking news that all ACM fans woke up to, their superstar is gone! He decided that it is better for him and for everyone to go back to his country (Brazil). After 2 years of struggling with injuries, Pato made the decision of going back to Brazil, to maybe find a cure, to be the upcoming star once again, and he knew if he stayed in ACM he would not be able to do that, which is why he made the difficult decision, he joined Corinthians, a Brazilian team to help him get back on his feet again.

However, the president of ACM, Silvio Berlusconi reassured his fans that Alexandre will come back, sooner or later, because ACM is his home, it is where he belongs.

So, I say this to all ACM fans: “Do not lose hope, be happy for Alexandre, pray for him to get better, and have faith, believe that your superstar will return, one day…”

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Happy New Year!

2012 is gone. With all its memories, whether they were sad or happy memories, it is gone, and now we have a chance to start again.. so lets open a new, clean page and do things differently this year.

I do plan on doing things differently this year, I want to make things right. I am going to start a new page with all the people who hurt me, I will ask for forgiveness from the people I hurt, I am going to study harder to make my parents proud and to accomplish my goal of becoming a Journalist, but most of all, I am going to work very hard to accomplish my 4 year dream; reaching the perfect weight.

Do not another year pass you by without making a difference, because the year that passes by, never returns. Get up, set your goals, and work hard to achieve them.

Happy new year everyone. I wish you a successful and glorious year.

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