He has my heart

I have been trying to convenes myself for the past month that I am not in love, how could I be in love with a guy that I have only known for 3 months? But today, i decided that it is time to confess it to my self, and make peace with it. Yes, I am falling in love with a guy who is not available, he has my heart, and it kind of kills me to know that I will never be able to tell him what I really feel, how much he means to me, and how i feel pain when i see him hurting.

This is my first step towards moving on; confessing it to myself (and to you guys), because I know that it is very unlikely that we will be together. I fought for him when I thought I had a chance, I was not planning on giving up; because as I previously told you, I do not give up, I fight for what I want and I keep fighting until I get what I want. but yesterday, I realized that it is time to move on, because I found out that he is falling in love with his girlfriend, and as much as that hurt me, It made me realize that I do not have a chance, and that I should move on. So, I cried it out, screamed and let all of my pain out, and then made that brave decision, the decision of letting go.

So, there you go, that is my sad love story… “There is this boy, and he kind of has my heart.”

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