Last night, my friends and I took our very good friend out on her birthday, we felt like we wanted to do something special for her, something different, so we went to a Korean restaurant!

Even though I am a very adventures person, when it comes to food, I rarely try out new stuff, but after a lot of effort from my friends, they convinced me to go to a Korean restaurant, and I am glad they did! It was such a fun experience. At first I was kind of scared to try the food, but then I did, and it was very delicious!

The restaurant was beautifully decorated, it was organized and the service was excellent, but most of all, the food was great! The fun thing was that we got to cook the food ourselves! That was such a lovely experience…

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is: even if you are like me, scared of trying new things, be brave and do it, you might be surprised, I know I was!

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