This is the map that was given to us by an old man to “help” us explore Dalkey .. can you understand anything from it ?

Most of you guys spent the past week sleeping, shopping, relaxing or just hanging out with your friends, but it was a bit different for me, I spent it with my friends exploring Ireland.

Last week we were given a week off to “Study”, which is what I was supposed to do, what I was planning to do, but things didn’t go as planned. Instead, I spent the entire week planning to go on a trip with my friends to explore Ireland, because I am an adventures person by nature.

This is my first year in Ireland, I wanted to discover this fascinating country, so I went with my friends on a trip to Dalkey, a beautiful city that is 20 minutes away from Dublin, it was a beautiful adventure indeed.

Our trip started at 10am in the morning, I woke up, got ready and went with my friends to the train station. Then we took the Dart to Dalkey, arrived there at 11:15. The weather was beautiful, it wasn’t too cold, it was kind of sunny and there was no rain, a perfect day for a trip!

The first thing we did was try to figure out a map drawn by an old man, we could not understand a thing, so we decided to throw it and just walk around this beautiful city . We saw a beautiful building and we decided to go inside, it turned out to be a pub, we ordered a couple of drinks and carried on with our trip.

Next stop was for food, because we were all very hungry, we stopped at a takeaway restaurant and ordered sandwiches. I can still taste that sandwich in my mouth, it was very delicious.

It was a very fun day. We took a lot of pictures, laughed so hard, and ate delicious food. We had a lot of fun, and we bonded even more, which made me very happy.

That was my first adventure in this beautiful country, I enjoyed it very much, and i look forward to exploring this country even more. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. Stay tuned for more stories about many crazy adventures to come…

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